How do you clean it? Is it dishwasher safe?

You can simply use the device to clean itself. Just put water and soap to the desired area on the blender and blend it. 

How do you wash the bottom compartment?

Please remove the bottom part from the bottle body. You can wipe the blender base with a cloth, but don't put the whole engine base into the water or wash it.

Can you insert ice into the blender?

Yes, you can insert ice and the blender will have no troubles mixing everything smoothly. Enjoy that smoothie!

How long does it last after it’s been fully charged?

After 3hrs charging, this blender is capable of making 10-12 cups of juice. 

Is the blender silent?

The blender is not 100% silent and makes a little bit of noise alone. Of course, when you are blending ice or frozen fruit the blender is louder.

Is it FDA or BPA free?

Yes, our Portable Blender is FDA and BPA free. All of the products listed on our store are environmentally safe and risk-free, as we test out all of our products before delivering them to our customers.

How long will it take to ship?

Our average shipping times range from 6-14 days excluding business days. You can find out more information about our shipping policy here.