Is this BPA and PFOA free?

Yes! The bottle is environmentally-safe and risk free. We make sure to test out all of our products before sending them out to our customers.

Can I have the unused water flow back to the bottle if my pet does not drink it all?

Yes, you can simply just hold the bottle upright and press the button. The water will filter slowly back into the bottle.

Is it easy to flow out water?

Yeah you just press the button for the water to fill the colored cup area, you can reverse the flow and put the water back into the bottom but is not recommended repeatedly for hygienic purposes. 

Does water leak when I'm not using it?

No, the water bottle is designed to be leak-proof and will not spill all over your valuables! The bottle will only dispense liquid when the button is pressed.

How long will it take to ship?

Our average shipping times range from 6-14 days excluding business days. You can find out more information about our shipping policy here.