Is it legal to use in on the beach piers?

Please kindly check your local fishing regulations for any legal issues regarding the fishing net and potentially the size of it. As of now, there has not been any issues with our customers who have used it!

Is the Frisbee ring already installed in the net?

Yes, the ring helps hold and keep up the net for fishing.

Is it good for shrimp/crab?

It's good for anything that's near the surface of the water, as we suggest to use the net in a flat fishing area. Please be warned that the net may get caught by any protuberant wood or rock at the bottom of the water if you do choose this.

How long is the rope?

We currently offer 6 different sizes ranging of the Magic Fishing Net from 240cm - 500cm.

How long will it take to ship?

Our average shipping times range from 6-14 days excluding business days. You can find out more information about our shipping policy here.