Does the tent block sun well?

Yes the tent blocks the sun very well. If you sit side ways in it you can totally get out of the sun. Bring some beach towels and you are sure to enjoy any beach time with your baby!

What is the size when it is folded?

The folded size is approximately 21 inches in diameter.

How many kids does the sun shade fit?

This beach tent is designed to fit 1-2 babies.

Would this work as a kids play tent at our back yard?

Most definitely! Several buyers actually commented on it saying that it worked well for their kids playing at the backyard.

Does it have a mesh cover to protect from bugs?

Unfortunately, the front opening is completely open. There is no screen for it. 

Can you fill with water if this isn't on sand? Would it still be able to hold water on a deck?

Water will definitely stay in the pool. The pool is an oval shaped made from nylon.

Is it able to be used indoors?

If you have a good sized room or open space, there is no reason to not be able to use it besides the beach!

How long will it take to ship?

Our average shipping times range from 6-14 days excluding business days. You can find out more information about our shipping policy here.