Does this contain latex?

No this product does not contain latex. The material contains a soft TPU cloth used for swimming, with our pearl foam technology inside.

What age is this suitable for?

We offer a collection of baby floats however this neck float is best suitable for the first-time swimmer, who is just looking to get started and learn how to swim safely!

Can it be washed?

It can be washed very easily. You can simply splash with water and let it air-dry. Since it is Air-Free and already inflated, there is no need to open the zipper to take off the shell cloth/skin leather to clean. 

Does the leather become hot to use in tropical countries?

No! The material is made from soft cool leather, in which most of the use will be directed towards swimming activities!

How long will it take to ship?

Our average shipping times range from 6-14 days excluding business days. You can find out more information about our shipping policy here.